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The morning after

winterthyme stretches and turns to Gera "Good morning to you - a fine turn of events last night..."
Gera Heliosense smiles and tilts her head"a fine turn? So do you know how the whole thing ended?"
Gera Heliosense: after all, poor slut is still hanging here"
winterthyme smiles back, eyes slipping from your face over your body then back "Accusations of treachery from slut - and claims of weakness and laxity from the Brute, Jarethe - punctuated with cries of "overthrow the Government" - the judge himself was here to witness it...."
winterthyme: I imagine The Brute still holds the keys to her bindings - and she will doubtless remain there until his status is resolved"
Gera Heliosense nods:" its shocking. I've never seen Jarethe to loose his nerve like that...I never seen him rape a woman before...and not any womwn...this is slut! this is something i never imagined to happen..Jarethe totures women usually with tools, in a cold cruel manner...this was unusual
winterthyme nods "I am not familiar with his normal methods but I was...shocked to see a security "professional" behave in such a manner..."
Gera Heliosense: yes see? you noticed it too
Gera Heliosense: and i wonder what slut meant about him being incompetent. How humiliating for the most powerful man in Glint
winterthyme nods "I fear so. And his wild claim that men should rule over the Paw Me.... such words are treason, and will not, I suspect, go without consequences"
Gera Heliosense: oh now that is something i wasn't sure of.
winterthyme leans forward "He attempted to catch her and, I believe, that imp earlier - and they evaded his grasp. La Presidente herself asked him how it was that slut had managed to set fire to his shirt, while he was wearing it..."
Gera Heliosense gasped
Gera Heliosense: you mean that is what slut meant with incompetent?
Gera Heliosense: and another question...i thought Jarethe has Ma'ams trust and that the PawMe are more like a ...body guard troup for Ma'am
winterthyme nods "The accusation was raised a number of times both here and earlier in the square - I think perhaps that is why Jarethe was more..tense...than usual"
Gera Heliosense: now it seems they have a far more important role in the government
Gera Heliosense: yes, that must be the reason why Jarethe was so tense
winterthyme nods again "Indeed - she leads the tribe and they hold her very dear so by extension they are rulers here too, of sorts"
Gera Heliosense nods thoughtful, I..did not realize...but now i do
winterthyme nods "The situation is..complex..that much is certain"
Legion Farslider nudges slut to see if she's alive
winterthyme shrugs "Perhaps quite the contrary - if Ma'am loses confidence in Jarethe's competence, then she will doubtless need to reinforce her own tribe to act as overseers..."
winterthyme nods to Legion "Alive but sleeping, I think."
Gera Heliosense smiles "Hello...Legion....yes you could be right...."
Legion Farslider nods acknowledgment and greeting to Winter
Legion Farslider strokes gera's thigh
Gera Heliosense looks at Winter, pondering about the question what HIS role in Glint relly is
winterthyme stands idly, picking at a scab on my knuckle - a picture of the innocent concerned bystander
winterthyme turns to Legion "What's your view of last night's events, old chap? Do you think The Brute, Jarethe, has lost his marbles and turned heretic - or do you stand against slut, devoted and sweet-natured native girl, widely recognised for her honesty? I am in two minds myself, as you can tell..."
Legion Farslider looks at slut "well while there's no love lost with slut i can't help but feel sorry for her. course i missed the start of the episode and have no idea what prompted it."
Legion Farslider: and as you know Jarethe is ... well Jarethe
winterthyme: I am writing a column for the paper that will soon be published that gives the whole story - laid out factually, with no bias, of course. But I believe slut spilled a drink on Jarethe and he reacted...badly."
winterthyme shrugs "I do not know The Brute well - and having seen him raving last night, I do not know if I care to know him better"
Legion Farslider: i think from what i did hear that it escalated on both parts then. slut is not know for her diplomacy
winterthyme raises an eyebrow "Really? I have always found her sweet-natured and docile...but I am sure you are right.."
Legion Farslider "well that may have to do with the fact that you weren't thrown in jail by her, tends to color my view as you might understand, not to mention putting someone" looks at gera" in danger."
winterthyme nods "Ah yes..I am sure. Misunderstandings will occur - I myself was attacked by Ma'am savage pussy, you may recall - but it is best not to bear grudges"
Legion Farslider "a good point and one i'll have to practice. I'm just protective of some things you know?"
Legion Farslider "it's my only flaw" rolls eyes
winterthyme nods and smiles "Rightly so - and such a beauty too. I fear this matter may come to trial - we must be certain to consider all angles carefully, maintaining objective independence as we consider the facts, before we condemn the guilty Brute to his much-deserved punishment"
Legion Farslider "well said, as in most things on the island there are wheels within wheels turning in the event"
Legion Farslider: "I'm surprised Ma'am let it go this far"
winterthyme nods "I am sure you are right. You have a much better grasp of these tihings. I am just a humble herbalist, and matters of politics and intrigue are beyond me"
Gera Heliosense listens to both men intently
Legion Farslider snickers "you give me too much credit i'm afraid"
winterthyme scratches my head "I think she had faith the her Security "expert" would deal with a minor matter in a controlled and disciplined manner..."
Legion Farslider: ?me "and may or may not have been ... disappointed"
winterthyme nods "Indeed..."
Legion Farslider "Ma'am is very shrewd and it's often hard for someone like me to understand her motives until they play out ... sometimes even after that"
winterthyme nods thoughtfully "I find it best not to try to analyse her - remember she is a native girl, often driven by whims..."
Legion Farslider: "native yes but still strong enough to hold the island and all of its faction which i don't even pretend to know all of them"
Legion Farslider: "the imp's standing here has me particularly perplexed if anyone can explain that?"
Legion Farslider sneaks a kiss from gera while Winter isn't looking
winterthyme smiles indulgently as the two lovers embrace "At least some things are simple here - like the beauty that is true love"
Legion Farslider looks at slut while deep in thought
Gera Heliosense: The imp has been here for a long time, her status, you could say is that of a...whats it called
Gera Heliosense: a court jester
Gera Heliosense: thats what she is
winterthyme grins "That's one word for it!"
Gera Heliosense: she can get away with things others can't
Legion Farslider nods " a very good word, it explains a lot of the leeway she is given"
Gera Heliosense: exactly

Legion, Ma'am, Winter and I

winterthyme nods "Indeed - it seems so. She has a certain unique approach that is appreciated by many, irritating though her actions can sometimes be"
Legion Farslider: "irritating is also a good word for her"
winterthyme smiles "For her actions, at least..."
Gera Heliosense: yes, and hence she is often able to speak out what is lantently present in the minds of the Glintians, certain truths...and she can say it because she is only the fool...the imp
Legion Farslider "nods to Winter, well i don't really know her and to be honest have no desire to. she seems to spread trouble like typhoid mary wherever she goes but is immune to it"
winterthyme nods to both "Wise words - I agree. "
Legion Farslider: "but court jester ... that does explain a lot"
Legion Farslider: "oh well, such matters are far too weighty for me"
Gera Heliosense looks at Legion surprised"Oh?"
winterthyme smiles "I think the next few days will be interesting..."
Legion Farslider: "isn't that an old chinese greeting? may you live in interesting times"
winterthyme smiles "Not so much a greeting - more a warning!"
Legion Farslider nods "good point!"
Legion Farslider looking out the bar "speaking of Ma'am"
Legion Farslider: morning Ma'am
Y.T. (yt.recreant) stretches, still half sleepy "Good Morning, sweet ones
Gera Heliosense beams"Good morning Ma'am"
winterthyme smiles "Hello Ma'am - I trust you slept well?"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) ywans a bit and stretches "yah.. was trying to hunt down that Agency Officer, but to no avail yet
Legion Farslider: Jarethe?
winterthyme nods "We were speculating how you might react to the outrageous comments made by The Brute"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): yah.. I was up earlier and thought I would see him in the woods .. but, was just an illusion
winterthyme tilts my head "He is in hiding then?"
Legion Farslider: the woods can be ... misleading Ma'am
Gera Heliosense looks at YT with big eyes"then its really as bad as I thought....oh Ma'am...what will you do?"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles and walks behind the bar to fetch a water "yes, Mister Legion" then looks at Winter "i. .honestly have no idea yet
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods at Gera "yes.. no idea yet
Legion Farslider pats gera reassuringly
winterthyme nods "Time will tell Ma'am..."
Y.T. (yt.recreant): did.. he really say.. that?
winterthyme nods "The words quoted in my article are verbatim Ma'am...
Y.T. (yt.recreant) takes a bottle of water, some cloth and some sopa, pours water into the glass and starts brushign my teeth with he cloth and the soap , mumbling while doing so "and I trusshht isshts unbiasshhhd? your article
winterthyme sighs "Like any good correspondent, I have done my best to write an article that is both objective and even-handed - laying out the simple facts of what occurred without bias or editorial comment. I am sure others will recognise the impartiality of the piece as they read it"
Legion Farslider looks at Winter "excellent article sir, i really like that you included so many pictures for those like me who can't read well"
winterthyme nods "Thanks, old chap. And you agree it gives a fair account of all that occurred?"
Legion Farslider: "a most excellent representation"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods at Legions comment and spews then the water into a corner behind the counter then I take anotehr load of water, slurp it forth and back between my teeth, spew it also onto the puddle on the floor and smile "ah, much better!" then looks at winter "yah, pictuers are good, and, I trust you the written word is as well
winterthyme turns to Ma'am "I will read it to you Ma'am if needed...but you will find it objective and factual"
Legion Farslider nods with a slight smile
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods "I guess I don't need it, I should learn to delegate, someone has told me
Legion Farslider: someone?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): yah, Mister Winter
Legion Farslider makes a slight bow to Ma'am "of course"
winterthyme nods "Indeed Ma'am... you carry a heavy burden and need no additional stresses. The citizens here must do all they can to help you with your duties"
winterthyme murmurs "The punishment must fit the crime..."
Y.T. (yt.recreant) snorts as I repeat to myself what was said about who runs the government "un-fucking-believable
Legion Farslider watches Ma'am out of the corner of my eye in case she riles herself up
winterthyme nods "It was...a remarkable statement. I struggled to maintain my reporter's objectivity. "
Y.T. (yt.recreant) looks at the agencies office and then back at slut who is still asleep.. then at the two men and gera "well.. that needs to be answered, of course
Legion Farslider nods respectfully
Y.T. (yt.recreant): and I have heard.. that this Kahla was.. involved in a way? does anybody have more details?
Legion Farslider shakes head
winterthyme nods "Indeed it does Ma'am. My view - and it is just a personal opinion - is that the Brute should be hunted down and secured for trial. After an unbiased hearing where he will receive an opportunity to speak his side of the matter, the guilty brute should be sentenced appropriately. As to Khala, she was largely quiet - one passing comment, recorded at the end of the events to which she added "and I am probably fired.."
Y.T. (yt.recreant): so she supported Jarethe in the attempt of ousting me?
winterthyme checks my notebook "I don't believe so Ma'am - although it was not clear. At one point she said - and I quote "I don't care, Jarethe. You're an ass and I'm getting fired. I'm quite vocal on my opinion on that point."
winterthyme: But largely she was quiet and..pensive. It was hard to read her thoughts
Legion Farslider Ma'am all i know about the girl is that she was somewhat uppity in claiming that she had introduced herself to me. she may have said something while she was talking to the strange stranger but if so i didn't hear it. everyone knows that i wouldn't stoop to such lows as eavesdropping on other people's conversations"
Gera Heliosense thinks about YT's last question, frowning" but she is close to Jarethe, Isn't she?
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods with an earnest expression "yah, Mister Legion, of course, you would not! so she is rebellious too!" and scruches my nose at gera's question "she certainly is horny for him. that is not difficult to guess
Legion Farslider looks innocently at gera
winterthyme listens "I have not met her before - but she did seem quite close to him. She largely ignored me when I spoke to her earlier, I recall - doubtless distracted by The Brute"
Gera Heliosense: She talks to him like an old chum and she has been here in Glint right from the beginnings, like Jarethe
Y.T. (yt.recreant): maybe .. she is his.. secret wife?
Gera Heliosense shrugs"Possible"
Legion Farslider nods in agreement with gera
winterthyme taps ny fingernail on my teeth "That might be the case, certainly..."
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I mean, that is too much of a coincidence really... where Jarethe is is Kahla.. and he never really .. abused her in public.. unlike my poor beloved slut
Gera Heliosense: exactly
Legion Farslider looks at slut
winterthyme looks at the poor sweet native girl hanging limply in the chains "If only we could find the key to release her, but doubtless The Brute has it about his vile person"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) walks closer and looks at the sleeping captive "well.. we need her here still. as hard as it look like to endure. but.. we have a workign legal system, a swift, objective and yet hard judge.. and so.. evidences need to be kept.. for a fair trial!
winterthyme nods "You are right Ma'am... I just wish I could find some way to comfort her as she hangs there... I am sure I will think of something"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "and well, she is a nice room decoration.. " then looking stern again "but of course its unacceptable to decorate a room this way
winterthyme nods, hand sliding over slut's skin "Totally unnacceptable Ma'am"
Legion Farslider nods as if amazed at Ma'am's wisdom
Gera Heliosense nods too
winterthyme: "See how she still bears small marks from where he scrubbed her paint marks? terrible!"
Legion Farslider: "it's a shame he removed the paint and dirt that she spent so much time adorning herself with
Legion Farslider: it will take her weeks to recover
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods "Indeedy so, a shame!
Y.T. (yt.recreant) thinks again a bit, turning to the office of the agency "so.. he is the leader, he says?"
winterthyme sighs "Worse than that Ma'am - he claimed *all* men are leaders over the Paw Me - I fear he plans some rebellion"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) eyes Winter and Legion "I know, you both would never take advantage of me
Legion Farslider looks her up and down and crosses my fingers behind my back "the thought never occurred to me Ma'am"
winterthyme smiles, a picture of innocence "Never, Ma'am - my only concern is for your well being and continued happy rule"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles at gera "you have a fine husba.. oh wait.. you are not married.. yet.. but soon, yes?
Legion Farslider shrugs "if only"
Gera Heliosense says nothing, her eyes on Ma'am, lovingly and concerned
winterthyme nods at Legion's comment "We only want to see you full filled"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) looks at Winter and smiles wider "yah.. you both are so caring...
Legion Farslider: well my happiness here knows no bounds
Y.T. (yt.recreant): paradise, really!
Legion Farslider: the exact word i've often used - paradise
winterthyme smiles at Ma'am and turns to the couple "So - a wedding would be a wonderful contrast to the unpleasantness with The Brute..."
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods nods
Legion Farslider thinks if its to happen it'd be nice if its done before she shows too much
Y.T. (yt.recreant): how far along are you gera sunshine?
Gera Heliosense bites her lip"I am not sure if...should we not....this come as a surprise..i thought wedding is out and we only have owners and property ?
Gera Heliosense: I am month 4
Legion Farslider slaps gera gently on her ass
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "well, on the legal level, of course, it is a People's republic, so, we all own all.. but.. love.. is always on a different level" sighs with a romantic touch
winterthyme smiles indulgently "All you need is love, as the poet once said"
Legion Farslider remains stoic
Gera Heliosense nods"but ...I...have no dress" she makes a funny dramatic face
Legion Farslider closes eyes
Y.T. (yt.recreant) giggles "and?" then looks at Legion "then he will wear. whatsitcaleld? partner look and go naked too!
winterthyme nods "An excellent solution Ma'am - especially as the weather is warm"
Gera Heliosense looks at Legion and then back at Ma'am and Winter, obviously uncomfortable
Legion Farslider: an exceelent idea Ma'am, perhaps some fertility rites as an afterthought
winterthyme grins at Legion "I will ensure I have gathered extra Everwood"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods nokds "we are think alikes there, Mister Legion! I just thought, couple - coupling, you could trhen instead of a kiss, just.. mate in front of the audience
winterthyme grins "Yes - a simple ritual signifying your joining together as one... Perfect!"
Gera Heliosense: but..when i am married...I can never become a PawMe
winterthyme: And no doubt the congregation might echo your actions as a gesture of their support for your union...
Legion Farslider: some wonderful ideas, an occasion such as this deserves much thought
Y.T. (yt.recreant): ah well, Gera, as long as you are with child, you should not carry a weapon, so.. the application rests.. but, where does it say you can not become a Paw Me when married?
Gera Heliosense: She bites her lip"I just assumed that"
winterthyme nods "I don't recall seeing that proviso anywhere... it would be disappointing if it were the case..."
Legion Farslider: and if i may Ma'am, it would be a shame to have the brute question casting a cloud over such a happy event
Gera Heliosense nods"yes yes..we should wait until after the Jarethe-Trial
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods nods "you are right Mister Legion" and then I look at the office again "maybe we don't need a trial"
winterthyme follows your gaze "It seems an open and shut case to me Ma'am - they were many witnesses"
Legion Farslider: well Ma'am, whatever your decision the first step is to have the person in question on hand

And all the things that followed are in the newspaper:

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